Friday, March 11, 2016


For the last two weeks we have been learning about Position and Orientation in GEOMETRY. We had fun this week drawing a map of a village with a school, supermarket, pools, and roads. We were allowed to add in other places as well as long as we put it on our key.
Can you see the bridge going over the river?

Where do you think the swimming pool is?

There is lots of detail in this map.

It was easier to work with our buddies. We shared the workload.

Wow! Look at the amazing roundabout on this map

There are lots of buildings on this map. It looks easy to find your way around.

There's a really wide river in the middle of our village.

We had to label the river and give our village a name.

This looks complete. All it needs is the key now.

After we had done the key for our map, then we had to measure distance using beans.

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