Thursday, June 23, 2016


Last week Bailee brought in a sock puppet she had made and gave a talk about it. The children were all very enthusiastic to make them so on Friday afternoon that is what we did...with a little help from some mums and grandmas.

 Everyone had lots of fun.


On the 13th May, we had a dress up day at school. The theme was MAKE A WISH so we came as a character that we wished we could be.

We had a parade and everyone sat in the lunch area to watch, as each class went around the quadrangle.

Mr Reed was spiderman so all of the spidermen had a photo together.

Later that morning we did some Autumn tree paintings. Luckily it was hot so they dried quickly.


Friday, June 10, 2016


 Here are some photos of our beautiful grounds. Mr Gray and Pete work on them daily to keep our school looking gorgeous.
Over the sandpit and looking down towards the Junior Playground and Room 14.

Looking towards the dell.

Looking down towards the footpath to the village.

The Lunch Area.

From the lunch area, out towards Room 23 and Room 14.

Our lunch area.

Out to the cricket pitch and beyond to the dell.

Some of our autumn plantings.

Leaves dropping on to the playground.

The sun through the trees.