Sunday, September 21, 2014


On Tuesday 9th September, the whole Junior School and lots of parents, boarded buses to go to Waipukurau. We went to the Taniwha Daffodil Farm to pick daffodils as an introduction to our "Changes" inquiry topic.
On the bus. It was very exciting!

When we got there, we had morning tea on the tarpaulin that
Pete had put out for us.

Out amongst the daffodils. We were allowed to pick 20.
There was a tree house but there were too many
children wanting to climb up so we couldn't use it.

There were swans ...


and hippos....just kidding.

Hiding amongst the daffodils.

A beautiful bunch of daffodils for Mum.

A bit of playtime before we went home.

The daffodils went into crates so that they would arrive safely
back at school.

                                                      "Home James."

Monday, September 8, 2014

Calendar Art

Instead of having a showing of calendar art in the hall as we usually do, this year we are showing you on the blog what the children have produced. Room 18 has done a background (like wrapping paper) and then put photos on of things that we have done at school.