Friday, July 31, 2015

Creating shelters for presentation - shoebox diorama

Each year 2 class have to do a mini presentation about shelter - either for a human or an animal.  During discovery time Room 10 learnt how to make shoebox dioramas.  We used paint, glue gun, sticks, string and paper to create a farm scene.  This was used as a teaching tool to show the children how to make a diorama which they may use in their presentation later this term. 

Making houses for shelter

One of our 'can do' activities during reading and writing time was to make a shelter of some sort for an animal or human.  It was a popular activity and motivated them to finish their 'must do's' in record time.  Here are a few of the mini projects the children made. 

Inquiry Learning - Shelter

The focus for the first 5 weeks of Term 3 is 'Do all living things need shelter?'  To start the topic off each day one table made a hut to work in the following day.  The children loved designing their huts, some even had chimneys!  They worked well as a group and all was quiet on the western front...