Monday, April 4, 2016

Sally from Sport Hawkes Bay March 2016

 In March Sally from Sport Hawkes Bay came along to teach us how to STRIKE a ball so that we could play t-ball, baseball and softball. We had lots of fun and because it was raining, we had to do it in the hall - BOY!! Lots of noise!

Warming up.

Getting ready to play Hospital Tag.

2 people have to tag the rest of the
children with a noodle.

Grab the spot where you were tagged.

Learning to hit the ball correctly.

Look at the ball so that you hit it.


Listening. Aiming. SWING!!

One of the stations where you had to step and catch the ball.

Aiming for the hoop.

The skipping station.

 We were quite worn out by the end of the session. We can't wait for the next one in April. Thanks Sally.

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