Thursday, May 30, 2013

Measuring  Area

Last week we were learning about Area.  When you measure Area, you are measuring space or room that an object takes up.

Our activity was to measure how much space our foot took up. First we took off our right shoe, then we helped each other to draw around it, colour it in and cut it out.
Careful colouring.

Careful cutting.

Then we used counters to fill up the space inside the foot.

We had to make sure that all of the counters were the same size.

We also had to make sure that the counters sat inside the foot print.

Then we counted the counters and wrote the number inside the foot.


We found that some of us had the same area sized foot but were a different shape. It also depended on how accurate we were at measuring and cutting our foot.


  1. Hi Room 11
    This looks like an awesome maths activity because you have learnt a lot about area. And you were having fun too. Well done.
    Mrs Burrough

  2. Fantastic photos! What a productive class
    Jo Wiltshire (Evan's mum)