Monday, June 3, 2013


For the first 5 weeks of the term, each Friday between 11.30 and 12.30 the Junior School have Discovery Learning. This is where the children get to create, discover and learn, focussing on the Key Competencies of Managing Self; Relating to Others; Participating and Contributing; Language, Symbols and Texts; and Thinking.  They choose where they would like to go. There is woodwork, construction, IT, building technology , dress ups, water play, art, stitchery and science experiments. The children love Friday. I was lucky enough to get to wander around and see what everyone was up to.

Room 10 is popular for art and craft.

You get to use paint, glue, glitter and pastels.

A Year 6 student helping out with instructions.

Room 8 is also popular.
There is construction and creating.

Woodwork is enjoyable for lots of the boys.

Some work together.

Others like to be independent.
Using the road mat and vehicles is a
 bit quieter.

In Room 9 there are the i-pads and
computers.There are also some 
bee-bots. Ask your child what these are.

Role play. Some of the children made
a plane with seats and gave out food.

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