Friday, October 31, 2014


We are looking at how plants grow and change.

What we know is written in red. 
What we wondered is written in blue.

We started to find seeds in the food that we were eating

So we got some pots and filled them with dirt, and put a bean into the dirt.

We planted up 4 pots and labelled them Plant A , B , C and D.
Plant D was the pot that was watered and will have light and warmth because we will put it in the sun every day.
Plant A is in a box to see if it needs light to grow.
Plant B is in the fridge to see if it needs warmth to grow.
Plants A and B and D will all get water.
Plant C will not get any water.

This jar has paper around the inside of the jar and soil. There is a bean growing between the glass and paper. We are looking at how a seed forms its roots and leaves.

We will keep you posted as to what happens...

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