Sunday, July 27, 2014

At The Fire Station

We have been learning what to do when there is a fire so we went to the fire station.
We are listening to one of the fire officers.

She showed us what she has to wear
 to keep safe.

Almost ready.....

This is what the fire officers wear when they have to go into a building that is on fire.
It looks very heavy.

Here is one of the fire engines.

This is where the hoses are kept.

This was so much fun! Steady..aim...FIRE!!

We all had a go.

Wow! Look at that spray of water!!

It looked like so much fun that some of  the parents had a turn.

This is what is inside the fire truck.

Then the small fire truck came to school. This truck goes off  to small fires before they get too big.

The small fire truck.

The fireman set a box alight.
Mrs Strand and Mrs Chapman had a go with a fire extinguisher.

Even Miss Thielke had a turn.

Then Mrs Hodgkinson, Mrs Millar and Mrs Spriggins.
Whew!! I think it's out now.

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