Sunday, September 1, 2013


For the last 2 Wednesdays we have been to the Omni Gym in Onekawa.
We have learnt to stretch before we start and how to jump, land and support our own weight.

On the trampoline we had to stretch up high and point our toes.

"Look at your toes." On the rings.

Learning to do a backwards roll properly.

Over the horse.

Front support, and swing.

Swinging as high as you can.  Hold on!

Concentrating and balancing.

"Look at how high I can go."  On the spring board.

Jumping in the right spot so that you can jump really high.

Walking backwards up the mat and then back down again.

Balancing and walking straight ahead.  On the beam.

Run as fast as you can, into the foam pit. GO!!

Climb, don't swim.

Who will be first?  Quick quick quick!!

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